Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Happy New Year!!!

God, please make 2007 a much more tolerable year for me.


Where was I? Oh yes, I'm back. I'll start off with a recap of the last 6 or so months that ultimately led to my lack of blogging...

*June was ok except I was depressed and didn't do any gardening or really anything outside, which is what I normally love.

*July was ok as well except we had the first year anniversary of my brother's death. Heather got married, which was nice. I started getting together with my family for card night, which was a lot of fun.

*August brought on a ton of work for me. I was swamped. Met Jimmy Buffett at his concert. Took over another duty at work.

Here's where it spirals downward...

*September I helped my cousin D with a baby shower for my cousin J. It was extremely hard, but went relatively well. Had a colonoscopy, which turned out fine. Found out my sister A is pregnant and due May 18 (read - Jesus Christ every one of my siblings has been pregnant but me!) Work still swamped. Went to Ohio for girls' weekend. Sometime around there I found out my friend S was pregnant with number 2. (numb to baby news at this point).

*October I got sick right off the bat. Work again swamped. Spent the day at the bridge festival, which was ok, but damn cold. Visited Heather and helped Danialle with a photoshoot. The head of our department stepped down, which actually relieved some stress at work. Little Coen was born on Oct 30 sweet as could be.

*November I got a totally new hairstyle, but was depressed about the body that went with it. Got a second job selling jewelry. (If anyone wants any info, let me know b/c it's an awesome opportunity!) Had my training show, which netted me a few shows after the first of the year. Thanksgiving was a lot of traveling and seeing family.

*December I spent lots of money getting ready for my jewelry parties. Had the only two scheduled for December cancel. Christmas parties and get togethers galore! Work crazy! Found out my youngest sister is bad into drugs. Spent rest of the year getting her stuff straightened out and finally taking her to Godville on Saturday, December 30. (Drug rehab about 5 hours away) Did have the ladies and their hubbies and Grace over for a relaxing new year's eve party. Made some awesome champagne punch, too.

Ok. so that doesn't seem as bad as I've felt, but I was just depressed and couldn't wait to see 2006 go. Hopefully 2007 will be much better. I want to get out of this funk. I'll start a new post for my goals for the year.

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Just another Jenny said...

I does sound like 2006 was pretty rough on you, no wonder there was no time for blogging. I hope 2007 is much better.