Thursday, September 21, 2006

GWO 14 - Ohio

This weekend we had a Girls' Weekend Out and it was a lot of fun. Thursday I picked up Danialle and we headed to Ohio. We talked all the way over and it really made me feel good. After we got there we got into our pjs and watched Survivor & Flavor*of*Love with Jennifer & Eric. It was hilarious. Then went to bed. Friday we got up and went golfing. (My grandpa always told me I should be a golfer. He used to take me to the driving range when I was younger and I loved it, but didn't really have the desire to do it in high school because I wanted to play softball. Well I realize now that I picked the wrong sport!) We only played 9 holes, but it was a blast. The girls were really impressed with my skills even though I'd never set foot on an actual course! It really made me feel good, too. I ended up not doing so hot on the last couple of holes, but still came out not to shabby overall. Danialle had never played either and only had 3 more shots than me. I think she and I might go on occassion and I think we might do it regularly for girls' weekends.

After golfing we grabbed lunch at Chipotle and decided to hit up Target. We shopped and tried stuff on and just had a blast. I ended up only buying one cute necklace since we were doing a bunch of shopping on Saturday. We also stopped at a couple of shoe stores to check out some of their shoes. Both were pretty blah and we really didn't find much. We went back to Jennifer's and played with Grace for a while before dinner. Heather arrived just as Grace was getting a bath and getting ready to go to bed. After Grace was fast asleep we made a drive over to Wal-Mart to pick up a few things and then stopped to pick up some wings for dinner. We caught up on life and watched more Flavor*of*Love then headed to bed.

Saturday we got up early and started our day at Kohl's. In fact we spent 3 hours there. Between trying on loads of clothes and shoes, we stopped by the cosmetic area and Danialle & Jennifer put on their makeup while getting several samples and tips from the chic there. I think I ended up with a shirt, pair of cute ballet shoes, and a blanket for Godiva. We went to Filene's and DSW next and it didn't fair too well. I think only Jennifer bought something (sexy new boots in black AND brown). Our last stop was the mall. We tried on quite a bit of stuff there as well and made out like bandits, especially in the jewelry area. I found some sexy dark, low rise jeans, too.

After the mall we headed back for a disco nap. Then we got ready for our night out. We got all snazzied up and headed over to dinner with Jennifer's husband Eric chauffering us around. After dinner we decided to head downtown and scope up the best place to shake our booty's at. We stopped at one bar and they were having a hip-hop band, but we weren't sure if they would be playing stuff we knew, but it was an option. We walked along and Heather ended up getting us into this fun bar w/out having to pay a cover long enough to do a shot. While we were inside doing our shot, Eric was outside and found out the next bar down might be the place to be. We were a little skeptical at first, but decided to go ahead and try it out. At first it was a little dull, but it finally got going and it was a blast. We danced and danced and danced. I think we finally left around 2 and got to bed around 3. I didn't sleep well and we all ended up getting up around 7:30 and hit the road shortly after 8. It was a super long ride home being so exhausted, but the weekend was great.

GWO - Hot Tamales! Skilled Golfers

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Kitten said...

Oh man....I love you girlies.

soralis said...

Sounds like a wonderful time! Thank goodness for cool girl friends!