Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Crazy Week and it continues...

Since my last post things have been quite crazy around here.... Let's see...

Thursday morning I got a call from my sister that my niece, Heaven, was still sick and her temp had been spiking. She had called her ped and they told her to take her to the hospital, so they were on their way. Sis called from the hospital and they were running a bunch of tests on her to find out what was going on. They ended up getting some whack doctor hell bent on meningitis... You know how they test for it?? Freaking SPINAL TAP! So my 9 week old niece got a freaking SPINAL TAP. She didn't have any symptoms, but this doc says they get ~1 case a month and test 2-3 babies weekly. Since they did that they wanted to keep her overnight, but that hospital was full so they took her by ambulance to a hospital nearby. The second hospital was much better. The doc said he doubted she had meningitis and that it was likely just a viral infection.

I ended up taking off Friday and dropping Eric off at the office and heading to see Heaven. She was doing better thank goodness. The doc came early afternoon and said all her lab results had come back find and he saw no reason to keep her any longer. They would continue to watch them and she already had her shot appointment on Tuesday so they could just do a follow-up then as well. Heaven was adorable by this point. Obviously feeling much better flirting with the young doctor and getting uncle Eric tighter around her little finger. She knows exactly what she's doing at such a young age. ha ha ha

Friday night my dad & Peg came up and we went and picked blueberries. It was nice visiting with them b/c we don't see them very much and it was a lovely evening to be outside.

Saturday I got up early and headed south for one of my best friend's mom's jewelry show. It was warm outside, but the show turned out great!! They had some great food and drinks and a lovely deck as well. Thank goodness it was covered or we'd all be fried!

Sunday Eric & I got up and went to the gym and the grocery store. Then I headed to Target. Let me say that it turned out to be a great day at Target. I found 2 pairs of pants and 1 skirt that fit great and I was forced to buy. It's not very often I find pants that fit me that good. When I got home we had a relaxing evening.

Tomorrow I'm leaving for Texas and will be gone until late Saturday night. I'm going down for a jewelry rally so I hope to come home really pumped up and ready to get down to business. I just love going to these things. I love this new thing I'm doing, but sometimes you get stuck in a rut. You know, I've never done sales so it's all still fairly new to me. All in all I think I'm doing pretty darn good.

Oh and I have several pics to post, but won't get around to them until probably Sunday now. I hope you can wait that long. Sorry! I have some of both nieces, plus some other things and hopefully some pics from Texas.

So I'm outta here for now. Be back Sunday.

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Buttercup said...

Hi, It's great to see that you are posting again! From a farflung reader in Switzerland that checks in on your blog every few months.