Sunday, July 13, 2008

4 Day Weekend Wrap-up

So I'm sitting her on Sunday afternoon feeling refreshed after my long weekend. A few weeks ago Eric decided to take the week off and I was able to take Thursday and Friday off as well. He ended up only taking Wednesday and Thursday though due to his work schedule. On Thursday we went down and played Golf with my papaw. He was so excited we came down to play with him. Did I mention it was the second time I had officially played golf?? Fortunately we only played 9 holes as my finger was bothering me and the gnats were horrendous. What is with those little jerks this year?? Anyway papaw won and they didn't even keep my score. hee hee After golfing we went to dinner and then headed home. We intended to meet up with the neighbors, but were exhausted. We found out later they came over at 7:30 and knocked on the garage door, but we didn't hear it. And Missy texted me at 11, but I was sound asleep by then. Darn.

On Friday I slept in while Eric went to work. After I got up I took a shower and planned my day of Target and cleaning the house. After I got out of the shower I got a call from Miss asking me if I wanted to go to the pool with them in the afternoon. I could totally skip cleaning the house for a day at the pool. I went to Target and got a couple pairs of shorts and a new shirt off the clearance rack and then came home to head to the pool. Her mom's dog is obsessed with bringing people toys and you have to throw them in the pool so she can jump in and repeat the cycle. Oh and she also intentionally goes up next to someone and shakes all of the water off of her. It was hilarious! After I got home that evening I decided I really needed to clean the house so I did. That night we ended up sitting outside with several of the neighbors. The teenagers and Eric and Drew ended up having a water balloon fight so who knows (but who cares) what the other neighbors throught.

Saturday I went over and visited my youngest sister in the "hospital". She's in there for drugs/probation violation. It was a nice stormy afternoon so we stayed in and watched movies on the tube.

Today has been just as relaxing. I've been watching movies (Jumper is a good one), surfing the web and going through some personal emails on my work account. I also finished up my cleaning from Friday by mopping the kitchen and bathrooms in the house.

I'm so glad I took a couple days off. I feel very refreshed and relaxed. This week is going to be quite busy at work with several trainings and meeting. I'm also going to pick blueberries one day with my stepmom since we didn't get around to doing it last week. Oh and my sister Lindsay is supposed to be stopping by tomorrow evening. Should be a nice week overall.

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