Tuesday, July 15, 2008


So a couple months ago a new neighbor moved in. We heard from another neighbor that the lady was pregnant with triplets and on bed rest so we have not met them yet. Well yesterday when I got home I saw three balloons on their mailbox all blue saying "It's a Boy!". Obviously she had the triplets and they were three little boys. They have a little girl as well and she is probably around or likely under 2. So I decided I would cook them a meal and take to them. I talked to my neighbor and on Friday this week she and I are getting together and cooking a meal to take to them Saturday morning. I feel so neighborly and feel even better that it was my idea. I've never done anything like this, but have thought about it in on numerous occasions. Missy has a good chicken/rice/broccoli casserole we are making and then probably some brownies or something as well. Just something easy for them to heat up. God I love my new neighborhood!!!


Dooneybug said...

That's so nice of you! And I know she will appreciate it very much. She's definitely going to be strapped for time caring for 4 children! I'm guessing you'll get some good baby holding time in too!

Lisa said...

What a sweet thing to do for your neighbor! I know she'll greatly appreciate the meal. I'm so happy that you love your neighborhood so much.