Monday, July 28, 2008

Heap Full of Heaven

So I've got lots of Heaven time lately. Two weeks ago my sis and her bf brought the girls up and we went to the local zoo. It's not very big and in fact, still under construction, but fun nonetheless. Here's some of the best shots from it.

Heaven, Heaven & Nick petting the cute little goat

Come on! Touch the snake!

Hayley & Kasey

This past weekend I also got to watch her for a couple hours while sis and her bf went to a birthday dinner for his sister. I think Heaven let in every fly in a 10 mile radius, but we had a blast.

Innocent until proven guilty

Here I come!


soralis said...

So glad to see you are still around... the smores bars look great!

Take care

Jemmers said...

She is sooo precious!! :)

Isn't being an Aunt just tons of fun??!!

Lisa said...

Glad you got some Heaven time!